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There’s Trouble in Paradise

Newsletter 041

We are so privileged to own race cars of a golden era, to have access to two great local race tracks and to have some of the lowest cost circuit racing in the world, yet we regularly choose not to enjoy them. Why is this?

Sadly, as with most great things that are ‘on your doorstep’ they are taken for granted and often underutilised, ignored or forgotten about, assuming they will always be there whenever you want them. Please don’t take for granted this amazing privilege we have as one day it may all be gone.
I’d like to share with you some statistical data from the past few years regarding the number of drivers that took part in Formula Classic events by year;

To date this year we have managed to put out;

Round 1 – 7 cars
Round 2 – 5 cars
Round 3 – 7 cars
Round 4 – 3 cars (cancelled)

What has happened? What is going on? Why are we having so few entrants to our events?
The Formula Classic website lists 86 known historic racing and sports cars in WA, the majority of which are owned by FCR members.

FCR currently have 41 club members, 34 of these are racing members.
I’ve highlighted these statistics to demonstrate the imbalance between the number of racing members, the numbers of eligible race cars in the state in comparison to the number of cars on the track this season.

Last weekend’s showing would not have been missed by many and the reputation of Formula Classic will have been seriously tarnished as a result of having only 2 cars running in the final race.
I think this is only time, in my many years that I have been involved in motorsport, that I have ever seen such a small grid.

We all want Formula Classic to succeed and be around for years to come, not only for ourselves but for future members to ensure the legacy of historic motorsport continues.

Round 5 at Wanneroo Park is being held on Saturday 15th June. It is imperative that FCR put out a big field of cars at this event to show everyone that we are a robust class with a strong and deep membership. Whilst entries for Round 5 are not yet open, I would ask everyone to put in an early entry again signalling our strength as a racing group.

It has been said many times before but I’ll repeat it once again. Any member who needs help preparing their race car please do not hesitate to ask. There are several very able members willing to assist anyone in getting their car prepared for the track.

STAY SAFE Contact details;

Since this newsletter was written we have had only 3 cars enter for round 4 and hence it was cancelled, let’s see ifwe can make a comeback for round 5

2024 Formula Classic – Round 3

Wanneroo Park 14th April

Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse!

Only 7 cars entered the third round of the 2024 Formula Classic Championship. Lance Carwardine withdrew on the morning with a back injury.

Qualifying was uneventful with Simon Alderson putting his Van Diemen on pole with Marty Bullock in his Chevron alongside.

Race 1 saw Simon take the win, with Marty in second place, followed by Dave Watkins in his Royale, Glenn Swarbrick and Dave Dearden. Brian Searles dropping out with engine maladies in his Tiga Sports 2000.

Race 2 culled over half of the remaining cars. Watto’s Royale developed a terminal ignition issue, Glenn ruptured a water hose and ‘cooked’ the Macon engine and Marty had a major lock up at the end of the start finish straight ending him in the sand trap.

The final race of the day saw only two cars take to the track.

The highlight of the meeting was seeing Dave Dearden take an outright second place trophy home with him. Congratulations Dave!

Outright results for the meeting were;

1st           Simon Alderson                                                 75 pts

2nd          David Dearden                                                  56 pts

3rd           Marty Bullock                                                    20 pts

Handicap results for this round;

1st          Simon Alderson                                                      16 pts

2nd          David Dearden                                                      14 pts

3rd           David Watkins                                                       10 pts

The next round of the 2024 Formula Classic season is at Collie Motorplex on Sunday 5th May.

Full handicap results can be found here

MA State Title, WASCC & MSW results here

2024 Formula Classic – Round 2

Collie Motorplex 24th March

The second race meeting of the year was a bitter sweet event in many ways.

The Bitter

The choice of date for the event may have impacted the number of entries received being the same date as the Melbourne Grand Prix, plus several of our top running competitors were still waiting for their vehicles to return from the Phillip Island Classic following some transport issues due to bad weather.

However, the absence of some of our regular top running competitors opened the door for some of our other ‘mid field’ players to vie for top honours.

Race 1 saw Lance Carwardine put his Jane Brabham on pole position with Brian Searles alongside him in his Ralt RT1 on the front row. Some engine maladies hampered Lance allowing Brian to take the lead and hold the position until the chequered flag. (The Sweet – Brian’s first race win in over 30 years!)

Murray Charnley join us for Race 2 with his beautiful Lotus 23 following some oil tank breather issues in qualifying that were not resolved in time for Race 1.

Lance had resolved his engine issues after Race 1 and quickly took to the lead in Race 2, followed by Brian and Glenn Swarbrick. Dave Dearden, in his Vector FF1600 was struggling with third gear issues that were hampering his efforts to challenge Glenn and Brian.

Race 3 was pretty much a copy of Race 2 except for Lance starting from pole position.

Long time between drinks, one happy camper!

Natsoft outright results for the meeting were;

1st           Lance Carwardine                                            67 pts

2nd          Brian Searles                                                      65 pts

3rd           Glenn Swarbrick                                               56 pts

Handicap results for this round;

1st           Glenn Swarbrick                                                     27 pts

2nd          Brian Searles & David Deardon                             14 pts

The next round of the 2024 Formula Classic season is at Wanneroo Park on Sunday 14th April.

Full handicap results can be found here

MA State Title, WASCC & MSW results here

2024 Formula Classic – Round 1

Wanneroo Park 3rd March

The first race meeting of the year held all kind of promises that sadly failed to deliver.

The Phillip Island Classic drew several of our top competitors away from our grid together with several other regular competitors not have their cars ready in time for the event. The Formula Ford group were in a similar yet somewhat worse position with only a handful of entrants for their event. The organisers wisely amalgamated the two groups to make a half decent field of cars.

As if this was not enough of a challenge, the weather was very hot and humid making it very uncomfortable for everyone. Compound this now with a series of medical emergencies (none race driver related) that took the medical staff away from the track and halting proceedings. The perfect storm scenario.

Eventually the meeting was abandoned around 5.00 pm with only one race run but with many frustrated drivers and helpers.

It’s not clear at the time of writing whether points, partial points or no pints will be awarded for the day.

The highlight of the day was the barbeque at Jamie’s shed after everyone packed up and the beautiful MGTC of one of our guests.

Outright results for the meeting were;

1st           Arthur Abrahams                                             25 pts

2nd          Simon Alderson                                                20 pts

3rd           Lance Carwardine                                            18 pts

Handicap results for this round;

1st           Brian Searles                                                          14 pts

2nd          David Watkins                                                        11 pts

3rd           Glenn Swarbrick                                                     9 pts

The next round of the 2024 Formula Classic season is at Collie Motorplex on Sunday 24th March.

Full handicap results can be found here

MA State Title, WASCC & MSW results here

Formula Classic 2024 Calendar

Round 1: Sunday 3rd March Wanneroo
Round 2: 23rd – 24th March Collie
Round 3: Sunday 14th April Wanneroo
Round 4: 4th – 5th May Collie
Round 5: Saturday 15th June Wanneroo
Round 6: 17th – 18th August Collie
Round 7: 14th-15th September Wanneroo
Round 8: 21st-22nd September Collie
Round 9: Saturday 19th October Wanneroo

2023 Formula Classic – Round 10

Bob Creasy Memorial – Wanneroo Park 29th October

The season finale was a very well supported event with 17 entries, the highest number all year. It had been decided to trial rolling starts for Formula classic following the start line incident at the previous Wanneroo round where several cars were damaged.

It was good to see FCR Chairman, Marty Bullock, back on the grid with his trusty Chevron following an extended overseas trip. It was also great to see Andrew Gifford’s beautifully presented Formula Holden on the track again in its Mitre 10 livery.

Terrence Nielsen was making his first appearance for the year too in the ex-Rob Jordan Ralt RT4.

Race one was a bit of a none event following contact between Arthur Abrahams and Terrence Nielsen at turn one on lap one putting them both into the sand trap and track conditions deteriorated further with Allan Jones car catching fire. The race was red flagged and the remaining 6 laps were run behind the pace car.

With Jamie Kerkhoff on pole position for race two he made the most of controlling the rolling start pace and led into the first corner never to be overtaken. Simon Alderson was hot on his heels but couldn’t get past.

Dan Gate had forsaken his usual Ralt RT4 for the memorial event instead driving the Ralt RT1 that Bob Creasy had previously campaigned for many years. Dan finishing 4th in race two and was looking good to improve in the final run of the day.

Race 3 was the main event for the meeting being the Bob Creasy Memorial Cup. Jamie made his usual great start and was leading until his engine went of song a little and Simon was able to sneak by and claim the big prize. Dan great progress in race 2 came to naught in race 3 with a broken CV joint at the start forcing him to retire the car. It would have been so appropriate for Bob’s old RT1 to win the inaugural cup but it was not to be sadly.

A very happy Simon Alderson celebrating his win of the inaugural Bob Creasy Memorial Cup.

Outright results for the meeting were;

1st           Jamie Kerkhoff                                                 68 pts

2nd          Simon Alderson                                              65 pts

3rd           Terrence Nielsen                                             48 pts

Handicap results for this round;

1st           Lance Carwardine                                             34 pts

2nd          Jamie Kerkoff                                              31 pts

3rd           David Dreardon                                              30 pts

This is the final round of the 2023 Formula Classic season see you next year.

Full handicap results can be found here

MA State Title, WASCC & MSW results here

2023 Formula Classic – Round 9

Coalfields 500 – Collie Motorplex 30th September / 1st October

Ten cars entered the 9th round of the 2023 Formula Classic season. The Coalfields 500 was a two day event with four races for Formula Classic.

It was great to see Peter Marsh for the first time driving in Formula Classic in his Aztec AR9 F3 that he had recently acquired from Allan Ould.

It was also good to see Ray Stubber for the first time this year in his beautifully restored 1981 Van Diemen Formula Ford.

Qualifying saw the usual line up with Bill Norman on pole and Simon Alderson close behind, then followed by Lance Carwardine and Peter Marsh. Brian Searles had a problem in qualifying, breaking the alternator bracket on lap two, however some speedy repairs were undertaken with the help of Dave Dearden and the car was back in time for race 2.

The two races on Saturday were both 12 lap events, Bruce Mitchell’s Reynard FF2000 overheated towards the end of race one forcing him to retire the car before the race finished. Unfortunately he was not to return to the track that weekend following a burnt hand whilst investigating the overheating issue.

Sunday’s two events were the usual 8 laps, both in the morning, and thereby allowing us to leave the track at the lunch break and head home in daylight.

Bill dominated the weekend taking all 4 wins, similar Simon was a consistent 2nd with Lance and Peter scrapping for the final podium spot. Unfortunately Peter missed a gear change during the last race and ‘buzzed’ his engine, costly in he missed out on a possible podium spot but also possibly a large engine bill too.

At the back of the pack Craig, Glenn, Dave and Brian were having equal fun scrapping over the minor points.

Outright results for the meeting were;

1st           Bill Norman                                                         100 pts

2nd          Simon Alderson                                                  80 pts

3rd           Lance Carwardine                                            71 pts

Handicap results for this round;

1st          Craig Thompson                           28 pts

2nd          Bill Norman                                                           26 pts

3rd          Peter Marsh 25 pts

The final round of the 2023 Formula Classic season is at Wanneroo Park on Sunday 29th October.

Full handicap results can be found here

MA State Title, WASCC & MSW results here

2023 Formula Classic – Round 8

Rob Janney Memorial – Wanneroo Raceway 16th September

Fourteen cars entered the 8th round of the 2023 Formula Classic season.  

Arthur Abrahams did not show up for qualifying suffering with a medical issue. Dan Gate put his Ralt RT4 on pole position with Allan Jones, Simon Alderson and others all pressing on hard trying to get close to his pace.

Race one started and ended badly, very badly, for three drivers. Dan broke a drive shaft off the line causing the field behind him to dive left and right to avoid the near stationary car at the front of the grid. John Hurney took to the grass on the infield to avoid the stricken Ralt as did Ricky Virago. Ricky’s Lola broke traction on the damp grass as he tried to return the car to the bitumen causing it to spin violently across the track and into the pit lane wall. Glenn Swarbrick, who’d made his usual brilliant start was a helpless passenger as his Macon crashed straight into the spinning Lola. Craig Thompson, who was on Glenn’s heels at that moment had nowhere else to go other than into the back of the Macon. The race was immediately red flagged whilst the carnage was tidied up. Fortunately no one was injured in the incident but the three cars involved in the incident were all badly damaged.

The race was restarted under the pace car, John Hurney had an uncharacteristic spin, during the course of the race, in his Van Diemen into the sand at the end of the start / finish straight bringing out the yellow flag in that sector. Allan Jones picking up the race win from Lance Carwardine in second spot and Andrew Gifford third.

The grid for races 2 and 3 were somewhat depleted however Dan was back with a new driveshaft fitted and he proceeded to win both the two remaining races. Allan, Simon and Lance, were all chasing him down final podium positions.

Outright results for the meeting were;

1st           Allan Jones                                                         61 pts

2nd          Simon Alderson                                                 57 pts

3rd           Lance Carwardine                                            52 pts

Handicap results for this round;

1st           Daniel Gate                                                            24 pts

2nd          David Drearden & Lance Carwardine                 22 pts

The next round is at Collie Motorplex over the weekend of Saturday 30th September / Sunday 1st October.

Full handicap results can be found here

MA State Title, WASCC & MSW results here

Robert (Bob) Creasy (1943 – 2023)

Robert (Bob) Creasy (1943 – 2023)

The WA Motor Racing Community mourns the passing of Robert (Bob) Creasy last week.

A stalwart of open wheel racing, Bob was the last WASCC member racing in 2023 who had competed at the Caversham circuit, where he raced a Datsun SR 311 sports car during the circuit’s closing 1968 season.

He then raced the Datsun during the opening season of the current Raceway in 1969 before racing a Fielding – the first Formula Ford to compete in WA – in 1970. Later Bob moved up to a Formula 2 Birrana in which he had much success winning the WA Racing Car Championship in 1978/79 and 1981. He then acquired a Ralt RT4 and won the WA Championship in 1982/83/84/85 and 1987. As well as competing in WA, Bob raced at numerous East Coast venues and with the Ralt competed in several Australian Grand Prix as well as racing in New Zealand.

After a long break, Bob returned to WASCC events in 2017 in an immaculate Ralt RT 1. Later he acquired another Ralt RT 4 and had been competing enthusiastically with this car in 2023. To all who knew him Bob was a quiet and charming man who simply loved racing open wheel cars. He definitely subscribed to the saying that “Real racing cars don’t have doors or roofs”.

What many would not know is that Bob was a keen member of the volunteer WASCC team that worked to build our current venue in 1968/69 and then continued to give up many weekend days to complete the venue in the early 1970s.

We offer our sincere condolences to Bob’s many friends and the Creasy family.

2023 Formula Classic – Round 7

The Tyre Place Track Attack – Collie Motorplex 20th August

There were a small field of nine entrants for the seventh round of the 2023 Formula Classic season.  

Qualifying saw a close contest at the front of the field between Bill Norman and Arthur Abrahams in their Ralt RT4’s, Bill picking up pole position with Arthur a close second. Lance Carwardine qualified third in his Jane Brabham and Andrew Gifford 4th in his beautifully presented March 722. 

Sadly we lost Andrew Gifford during the course of race one with and electrical / distributor gremlin. Bill Norman led the field for the entire race from the starting light to the chequered flag drop. Arthur finished second with Lance third.

The second race looked like being a repeat of the first at the front of the field however Bill slowed significantly on the last lap allowing Arthur to overtake him for the race win. It turned out Bill had run low on fuel and was struggling to get fuel pick up at the end of the run. It was good to see Bruce Mitchell getting to grips with his Reynard FF2000 after a slow start in race finishing 5th ahead of the very tightly fort FF1600 battle between Glenn Swarbrick, Craig Thompson and Dave Dearden.

With ample fuel on-board for the final race of the day, Bill took off from second position on the front row to lead the race and to take the outright victory for the day. Arthur finishing second and Lance in third place.

Outright results for the meeting were;

1st           Bill Norman                                                         70 pts

2nd          Arthur Abrahams                                             65 pts

3rd           Lance Carwardine                                            54 pts

Handicap results for this round;

1st           Bruce Mitchell                                                        27 pts

2nd          Glenn Swarbrick & Bill Norman                          24 pts

The next round is at Wanneroo Park on Saturday 16th September.

Full handicap results can be found here

MA State Title, WASCC & MSW results here

2023 Formula Classic – Round 6


This round was happily greeted by a fine but very cold, three degree Celsius morning, and although cold it certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the 13 entrants for the meeting.

Of special note was the inclusion of Murray Charnley having entered in his Lotus 23b after a long lay-off and who also just happened to be celebrating his 88th birthday. Murray is clearly proving inspirational to us younger competitors.

Unfortunately, the repairs to our key Formula Atlantic entrants were not quite completed but the word is that they are very, very, close to being ready to roll again.

Qualifying was entertaining before it had even started. Simon, having just fitted some nice new tyres, managed a lovely pirouette warming the tyres in pit lane before even getting onto the circuit. Once on track though, it proved to be a closely run affair between Simon in his FF2000 and Allan in his RT5. Pole position was separated by just under 0.2 seconds.

The two leaders were then followed slightly further behind by Bill in his RT4 and Andrew Gifford treading gingerly in his recently repaired March 722 and then by a very tightly bunched midfield and Formula Ford group.

Jamie encountered a gremlin or two forcing him out of qualifying early but a quick once over enabled him to get onto the grid for race 1, albeit from rear of field and Bill although being quick (as usual) was unfortunately chasing a throttle / carb issue which persisted all day.

Race 1 was met with a warmer track thankfully. Bill didn’t manage to get to the grid and Jamie, although starting from the back wasn’t planning on being there for too long, hammering past the field towards the front once the lights went out.

The two leaders continued their close battle, being joined by the flying Jamie in his Argo and an increasingly confident Andrew in the March 722.

The midfielders of Lance (Brabham BT23), Harvey in his gorgeous Chevron and the persistent Ricky (Lola) were having a nice tussle and Bob Creasy in the lovely RT1 poking his nose in from time to time as well. The Formula Ford group including the birthday boy enjoying his day out in the Lotus were plugging away swapping positions regularly.

Unfortunately, Murray suffered an oil leak in the Lotus which although not stopping him completing the race did prove to be severe enough to put a stop to his day of fun.

Final positions for Race 1 were; 1st – Simon, 2nd – Allan, and 3rd – Jamie (who also managed fastest lap).

Race 2 – Bill managed to get things sorted and joined the field. Once the race started it was with a bang. Unfortunately for Jamie it was quite literally a bang with a driveline failure off the start forcing him onto the grass and enacting a safety car to clear him away safely.

During that safety car period a few liberties “might” have been taken with numerous overtakes and redressing being performed along with the penalties that go with them. I am sure there were a few lucky (and unlucky) calls given.

When the race restarted, Allan and Simon scooted away however this time being closely followed by Andrew who was impressing with very quick times – dropping nearly 3 seconds a lap over is previous efforts.

Lance and Harvey were pushing on hard with Bill snapping at their heels despite the ongoing carb problem.

The Formula Ford group were keeping each other very honest with close racing as usual. So close in fact that Glenn and Craig were within 0.1 seconds of each other on the finish line in favour of Glenn with Dave Dearden in his Vector right on their tailpipe.

Results were 1st – Allan, 2nd Andrew, and 3rd – Simon (also with the fastest lap)

Race 3 was another close race. With both Bill and Simon out of their usual position, Allan managed to break away in front. Bill got into 2nd on lap 2 followed by the fast charging Andrew in 3rd and Simon in 4th. Not to be perturbed, Simon got his head down and managed to get by Andrew on lap 4. The race continued until the inevitable catching of traffic during the closing stages were things got serious for the front runners. With no quarters given, a close affair was guaranteed with positional changes and a last corner dash on the cards, it was Simon victorious followed by Allan and Bill. There was less than a second covering the group at the finishing line.

Andrew, who must have been feeling well chuffed with his performance on the day was not far behind, consolidating on a successful outing.

The Formula Ford battle was again a continuation of the preceding races being equally as close. This time however Craig managed to overcome Glenn to the line by 0.02 seconds with Dave again staring at their exhaust.

Outright results for the meeting were;
1 Simon Alderson 68
2 Allan Jones 65
3 Andrew Gifford 54
4 Lance Carwardine 49
5 Harvey Leys 46
6 Ricky Virago 42
7 Bob Creasy 39
8 Craig Thompson 35
9 William Norman 33
10 Glenn Swarbrick 33
11 David Dearden 31
12 Jamie Kerkhoff 18
13 Murray Charnley 9

Race report prepared by Ricky Virago.

Handicap results for this round;

1st          Andrew Gifford                                                        37 pts

2nd          Allan Jones                                                             24 pts

3rd           Simon Alderson                                                     21 pts

The next round is at Collie on Saturday 20th August.

Full handicap results can be found here

MA State Title, WASCC & MSW results here

2023 Formula Classic – Round 5

WASCC June Meeting, 10th June

There was a small field of only nine cars which fronted up for the Fifth round of the Championship held at  Raceway.

Qualifying took place on a slippery cold and damp track with pole position being taken by Allan Jones in his beautifully presented Ralt RT5 and closely followed by Bill Norman and Ricky Virago.

Race one took place on a drying track, Bill Norman coming in first ahead of Allan Jones, with Lance Carwardine in third place.

Rain was threatening when race two started and a few laps in a light shower occurred. Harvey Leys withdrew and Craig Thompson pitted after one lap with mechanical issues which proved to be terminal, thus ending his day. Dave Dearden lost  the nosecone of his Vector on the turn seven curbing and retired.

The race was won by Allan Jones, closely followed by Bill Norman with Lance Carwardine in third place.

Race three was on a wet track, Allan Jones took an early lead with Ricky Virago in His Lola T492 S2000 on fresh wet tyres running in second place ahead of Lance Carwardine in the Brabham who finished third.

Dave Dearden was having handling problems and retired after a short spell in the turn 6 sandtrap.

Bill Norman struggled with grip due to his wet weather tyres being concrete like in hardness.

Outright results for the meeting were;

1st           Allan Jones                                                        70 pts

2nd          Bill Norman                                                      61 pts

3rd           Lance Carwardine                                           54 pts

Handicap results for this round;

1st           Bob Creasy                                                           33 pts

2nd          Glenn Swarbrick                                                  28 pts

3rd           Ricky Virago                                                        14 pts

The next round is at Raceway on the 1st July.

2023 Formula Classic – Round 4

Ernie Hastie Memorial – Collie Motorplex 14th May

There were a small field of entrants for the fourth round of the 2023 Formula Classic season. Sadly, many of our usual Formula Atlantic entrants were out still waiting on engine parts / repairs for their BDA’s.  

Qualifying was a very sad affair for Andrew Gifford and his March finding the wall in the “bowling alley” on the very first lap. Lance Carwardine only managed a few laps in qualifying too with a right rear puncture and Ricky Virago also only managed a few laps as well with a blocked air filter.

It was good to see Bruce Mitchell out in his Reynard FF2000, his first outing in the car for some time.

Race one saw Bill Norman on pole, the only BDA powered car running at the event, with Jamie Kerkhoff alongside him. Third was Brian Searles in his Ralt RT1. The race finishing in the same order but with Ricky Virago getting past Brian’s Ralt to claim third spot.

Race two saw Lance back on the grid with his rear tyre repaired. Despite him starting rear of the grid it didn’t take him too long to get up to third spot. The three Formula Ford drivers in our group all were having a great battle mid pack trading places along the way.

Race 3 saw Bill out front with Jamie and Lance in hot pursuit and the rest of the group following in their wake.

Outright results for the meeting were;

1st           Bill Norman                                                         75 pts

2nd          Jamie Kerkhoff                                                 60 pts

3rd           Ricky Virago                                                        52 pts

Handicap results for this round;

1st           Glenn Swarbrick                           28 pts

2nd          Ricky Virago                           27 pts

3rd           Bruce Mitchell                                                     21 pts

The next round is at Wanneroo Park on Saturday 10th June.

Full handicap results can be found here

MA State Title, WASCC & MSW results here

2023 Formula Classic – Round 3

100K Plate Wanneroo Park 15th April

There were a good number of entrants for the third round of the 2023 Formula Classic season. Sadly, many of our usual Formula Atlantic entrants were out waiting on engine parts / repairs for their BDA’s and as a result of their absence it made for a very different front end of the field.  

There was also the return of an immaculately prepared Formula Two March that had not been seen at the track for several seasons. It’s new owner, Andrew Gifford, being the brother of the car’s previous owner, Shane who’d had it in storage since he retired from racing. Andrew made a very good showing for his first run in the car, running on some tyres that were so old they needed to be Carbon dated.

Qualifying saw Allan Jones and Simon Alderson top the times with Harvey Leys, John Hurney and Lance Carwardine close behind them. Jamie Kerkhoff missed qualifying with an electrical gremlin but had it fixed in time for the races.

There was a long wait on the dummy grid for race 1 following a huge oil spill on the track from the previous event. The marshals doing a great job to get the mess tidied up but it took close to an hour before the track was ready again. We lost Bob Creasy’s Ralt RT1 in race one with fuel contamination issues. Allan Jones won the event from Simon Alderson and Jamie Kerkhoff.

Race 2 saw Lance Carwardine a nonstarter with a starter motor issue and Ricky Virago pulling off after one lap with carburettor issues.  Jamie Kerkhoff made a poor start and let Allan Jones and Simon Alderson pull out a small lead on him, however by the end of the race he had caught and passed Simon to claim second spot.

Race 3 saw Simon Alderson missing from the grid with a failed battery. Jamie made another poor start from the front row allowing Allan a small lead which he never relinquished, despite a few late braking moves from Jamie.

Craig Thomson and Ricky Virago were having their usual great battle in the mid field with their similarly powered Ford Pinto cars, Craig in a FF2000 Van Diemen and Ricky in a Lola S2000.

Outright results for the meeting were;

1st           Allan Jones                                                         75 pts

2nd          Jamie Kerkhoff                                                  58 pts

3rd           Harvey Leys                                                        50 pts

Handicap results for this round;

1st           Jamie Kerkhoff & Brian Searles                             37 pts

3rd           Harvey Leys                                                         30 pts

The next round is at Collie Motorplex on Saturday & Sunday 13th / 14th May.

Full handicap results can be found here

MA State Title, WASCC & MSW results here