2013 Series Notes

The 2013 Formula Classic handicap series will be run over 7 rounds, 6 which will be WASCC events at Barbagallo Raceway and 1 VSCC event at Collie Motorplex. Competitors will be able to drop their worst round this year. This series will be run with the third evolution of our handicap system. (Read Below) All drivers who are going to contest the series will need to nominate their intentions via the online entry system to gain points in the series. This entry will need to be received prior to the first race of the second round. Any competitor can query the results from when published for a period of no more than 2 weeks. After this date they will stand as final for that round. How the handicap system is worked out? This handicap system is based on each driver racing their own best theoretical performance and then comparing how well they did against the other competitors. The system is event based with only each driver’s handicap being carried over from event to event. The system is independent of the track, weather or car used.
  • For each Driver we record a per lap Handicap figure, initially this is set 1.0 seconds per lap.
  • For each event (all races, including qualifying) we record their Fastest Lap, we also record their Fastest First Lap, i.e Fastest Times of the Day, this includes any DNF races. These become the Fastest Lap/Fastest First Lap figure.
  • For each race we can now calculate each drivers Perfect Race Time. Perfect Race Time = Fastest First Lap + (laps-1) x Fastest Lap.
  • Race Result = Perfect Race Time – (Actual Race Time (from results) + handicap x laps) note: the race result figure will always be less than zero. The competitor with the greatest (ie least negative) time wins, etc
  • A handicap Penalty is calculated based on the handicap results of the race: Penalty = 1 sec for 1st, 0.75 for 2nd, 0.5 for 3rd, 0.25 for 4th, 0.125 for 5th, 0 for 6th, 0 for 7th = -0.125 for lower places. So every event that the driver finishes on handicap less than 7th slowly reduces their Handicap. (eg a penalty of 1 second gained for a 1st place would need 8 race finishes of less than 7th place to remove completely) note: the Handicap must always be greater than or equal to 0.
  • New Handicap = Handicap + Penalty The Handicap must always be greater than or equal to zero. For a DNS or DNF the Handicap is not adjusted. The Handicap applies to the Driver only and remains the same no matter what Car/Track.
  • Scoring The driver accumulates a points score for each race they finish as per the normal WASCC points system, ie: 25 points for 1st, 20 points for 2nd, 18 points for 3rd, 17 points for 4th, And so on down to 20th
Any further question please direct to the handicapper Kevin Taylor (click here to send email)