Get Involved

The Formula Classic category is fully represented by Formula Classic Racing Inc. This Association was formed in late 2019 to effectively formalise the group involved with the Formula Classic Category. We absolutely welcome anyone who would like to join us whether to race or just be part of our friendly group of enthusiasts.

Joining us on the racetrack is neither as difficult nor expensive as you probably think. The cars vary considerably both in initial cost and running costs and we are more than happy to advise or discuss this aspect with you. Cars are reasonably available and will generally retain their initial value. Both Wanneroo and Collie offer opportunities to compete in either regularity or racing on a regular basis.

We are extremely fortunate here in WA as entry and test day costs for both venues are extremely reasonably priced. Both venues are run by their members for their members which is rare for most other places.

If you would like to explore the prospect of getting involved with the racing, regularity or as a non racing member please click on Competitor Membership or Associate Membership in this section. Alternatively contact Brian Searles or Marty Bullock (see Contacts) who will be very happy to have a chat or answer any queries.