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Watchtower Property Formula Classic Championship 2009

Series Explained

There are two main components of Formula Classic & the Watchtower Formula Classic championship series for 2009.

1. The Formula Classic Championship (handicap  series) This handicap is for those who choose to compete within & to assist in levelling out the performance difference of the cars.
2. All Formula Classic entrants are competing for the WASCC series points

About the Handicap Series

The handicap series was developed to allow the older 1960’s to compete more evenly with the later Atlantic specification cars & all those in between. Each driver selects the option to run in this series at their first round they compete during the competition season & they must enter at least 50% of the rounds to be eligible for the series trophies. Some drivers have changed cars during the season which is allowed but a penalty is applied if they go into a faster car.

The system works by way of accumulation of a time penalty which applied to the result of each race. This time penalty progressively grows after each race should you finish in any of the first four places. The cars are graded at the start of the series & a base line handicap is applied and from then on this handicap will grow during the season as event places gained.

In the interest of safety & by way of staying within the set out guidelines for events by CAMS each race follows the same set of rules. In simplified terms these are as follows:
All the cars qualify during the qualifying session. The fastest cars start from the front. After each race the cars then grid up in the order of which they cross the line or as they are gridded by the officials. The handicap system is applied at the end of the meeting when these are all calculated to determine the points each competitor has gained for that round.

The points system used is that of the WASCC series points being 25 for 1st, 20 for 2nd, 19 for 3rd & so on to the last car.  Round by round these points are tallied & after being able to drop your worst round or not include a non entered or starting round the overall winners will be determined.

Watchtower Property Formula Classic Series Trophies up for winning are as follows.

Handicap Series placings 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Most Consistent Driver
Fastest Lap (Outright)
Fastest Lap – 70’s Cars
Fastest Lap – 60’s Cars
1st Formula Ford (in Handicap)
1st Sports Cars (in Handicap)
1st 1500cc & under push rod class cars
Best Rookie (1st year in holding a CAMS competition licence)
Most trying  (does all the events  & try’s, try’s try’s) 
Hard Luck (biggest blow-up best spin etc)
Best Presented Vehicle
(The last there awards will be judges & awarded by vote of competitors)

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