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Series Trophie Winners (as awarded)
(note: needed to enter 3 rounds min to qualify)

1st Handicap – John Hurney
 2nd Handicap – Andrew Gifford
3rd Handicap – Lance Carwardine

1st in 1500cc & under cars in Handicap – Kevin Taylor
1st in sports cars – David Turner
1st in F/F’s (excluding non historic) – Allan Beats  

Fastest Lap of Season (outright) – Russell Sewell, 1:02.0065, Race 2 at round 2, Clem Dwyer meeting
Fastest Lap of season (60’s cars) – Andrew Gifford, 1;03.4084, at round 2, Clem Dwyer meeting. (from Lance in 1:03.7388 in race 2 of round 1)
Fastest Lap of season (70’s cars) – David Turner, 1:02.40, Race 1 at round 5, Super Truck meeting
Note: All fastest laps of Wanneroo long track (Series Rounds only & does not include V8 Supercar event)



 Most Consistent  – Neil McCrudden (in that he consistently showed up!  Maybe should be most persistent!)
Best Rookie (1st year CAMS racing licence holder) – Shane Gifford
Best Presented Car (s) –  Rob Jordan
Hard Luck (best stack, off etc) – G Swarbrick   (awarded for flying & running over beatsy in Round 3 & wrecking his car)
Most Trying competitor  –Wes Muller
Encouragement – Jamie Kerkhoff
Encouragement – Elliott Sewell
Encouragement – Henry Oosterbaan

Results Round by Round

FC Series Results  – ( click here )

FC Results Round 5 – ( click here
FC Results Round 4 – (click here)
FC Results Round 3 – (click here)
FC Results Round 2 – (click here)
FC Results Round 1 – (click here)

Championship Pointscore by Round

Points after round 5 – ( click here )
Points after round 4 -(click here)-
Points after round 3 – (click here)
Points after round 2 – (click here)

Natsoft – Condensed Results

Super Truck – round 5 -(click here)
Collie Crown – round 4 -(click here)
Clem Dwyer  – round 3 – (click here)
Autumn Race Meet – round 2 – (click here)
Night Masters – round 1 – (click here)

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