Log-Booked 1984 RALT RT4

For Sale: Manufactured in 1981 RALT RT4, but re-tub by Marc Bahner Engineering in USA in 1984 to 1984 specifications, therefore Australia CAMS Log booked as 1984 car.

This RALT is original, {with exception of motor, alternator and electronic controlled cooling water pump) and since re-tub in 1984 has never been involved in an accident or modified

Currently powered by 2.0 Lt Ford Zetec overhead twin Cam motor with Haltech electronic fuel injection.

The sale will also include the original Ford Cosworth BDD motor. The head maybe saved, if not, would require a new head.

The package includes additional nose and cockpit surround, which have recently been paint to match current body work and comes with two additional set of wheel rims, total three set of wheel rims.

The last few years up to end of 2021, the RALT has raced in a number of Formula Classic events at Wanneroo Raceway with a number of wins and top three finishes.

Lap Times have consistently been in high 57 second and low 58 second laps with Zetec motor, which develops approx 190bhp at the wheels (Dyno work done by Lane Heenan at Racetorqe).

Asking price $60 000.00

Contact: Rob Jordan

0421 393 796