2020 Formula Classic – Round 4
Torque Trophy & Kostera Cup Meeting – 16th August

Well a worse day you could not imagine for Round 4 of the 2020 Formula Classic Championship. The weather was wet, windy and cold.
At the previous round there were 17 entrants in Formula Classic, this signalled a strong return to racing following the temporary suspension of racing due to the Covid virus. Round 4 unfortunately didn’t deliver a big field of cars with only 7 cars entered.

Sadly these 7 entrants were quickly reduced to only four with both Marty Bullock and Harvey Leys electing not to venture out due to their lack of wet weather tyres.

Glenn Swarbrick was also excluded from racing as his qualifying time was outside the 130% rule. This seemed to be a particularly harsh punishment as the Formula Classic group had been amalgamated with the F1000 group and the qualifying time was based upon their fastest time.

Race 1 saw Simon Barrett drop out after only a handful of laps with a major engine issue.

Simon Alderson won all three races, with Craig Thompson and Bob Creasy trading the minor places.

Outright results for the weekend were:
1st           Simon Alderson               75 pts
2nd          Craig Thompson             60 pts

Handicap results for the weekend:
1st           Simon Alderson               13 pts
2nd          Bob Creasy                     12 pts
3rd          Craig Thompson             11 pts
Note: half points only have been awarded for the handicap championship due to the very low level of entries for this round.

The next round is at Collie over the 3rd – 4th October weekend.

Full handicap results can be found here

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