2019 Formula Classic Round 6

2019 Formula Classis – Round 6

WASCC July meeting – 14th July

Well it was a very different day weatherwise from the last meeting, blue skies and sunshine all day, magnificent, no wet weather tyres required for this meeting!

This was the first Formula Classic round to be held under the new CAMS fuel regulation that requires all vehicles to run on unleaded fuel. The WASCC was unable to offer any unleaded race fuel at the time of the meeting so entrants we left to make their own arrangements. Unfortunately Harvey Leys was not able to source any suitable fuel for his Chevron in time and withdrew his entry.

A small field of cars 12 cars were entered for the June meeting, it was good to see Rob Jordan and Dave Turner returning to the ranks with their Tiga Sports 2000 and Ralt RT4 respectively. Dave putting on a great showing with a consistent third place in each race.

In the dry conditions and with his engine recently set up on the dyno Michael Henderson returned to his number one spot with a magnificent 55 second lap in qualifying and maintained this dominance throughout all three races. Interesting the finishing order for the top six drivers was identical for all three events and with only a couple of minor changes in the lower finishing order too.

As with the June meeting the percentage finishing stats were high will all cars, bar one, completing all three races.

The prize giving debacle for Formula Classic’s last meeting was resolved and the points tally correctly allocated for this meeting.

Outright positions for the weekend were;

1st           Michael Henderson                       

2nd          Simon Alderson                                               

3rd           Dave Turner                                      

Handicap results for the event were;

1st           Craig Thompson

2nd          Leon Majistro

3rd           Rob Jourdan & John Hurney

The next round is at Barbagallo on 18th August.