2014 Formula Classic Final Results

Congratulations to the 2014 winners of the Formula Classic Handicap Championship. It looks like the three of them took out all of the competitions, rightly so as Brian and Lance were the only drivers to competed in every round and Michael was in all but one and that was due to a mechanical breakdown. A big thank you to Dick Ward for presenting the group with a fantastic perpetual trophy which will have Brian’s name engraved upon it as the first winner. 2014 Formula Classic Handicap Championship
  • 1st Brian Searles
  • 2nd Lance Carwardine
  • 3rd Michael Henderson

Full results sheet can be viewed here

2014 WASCC Formula Classic Championship
  • 1st Michael Henderson
  • 2nd Brian Searles
  • 3rd Lance Carwardine
2014 CAMS Formula Classic State Championship
  • 1st Michael Henderson
  • 2nd Lance Carwardine
  • 3rd Brian Searles

Brian-Sonny-RT1Brian Searles along side his Ralt RT1 with Sonny Raja trying it on for size