2021 Formula Classic – Round 5

2021 Formula Classic – Round 5
August Race Meeting, Collie – 21st/22nd August

A good field of 10 cars entered the Collie August race meeting. Of the ten entries 9 were historic log booked vehicles, Ricky Virago being the sole libre log booked car entrant. The weekend weather was changeable with a mixture of rain and sunshine which made the tyre choice interesting for most of the entrants.

Sadly, Bill Norman broke a driveshaft at the start of the first race, resulting in a restart for the group and ending Bill’s racing weekend before it really began.

Marty Bullock dominated three of the four races, however Ricky Virago recorded his first win on the Sunday morning whilst the track was still damp, electing to run on wet weather tyres. Ricky had run second to Marty on both races the day before and it was great to see him take the chequered flag for the first time.

Lance Carwardine ran a consistent third throughout the weekend, this was equally great to see as he had been struggling with various issues with the Jane Brabham that now have all, finally, been resolved.

There was also an interesting battle running in the mid pack too, between Glenn Swarbrick and Craig Thompson in their historic Formula Fords with both taking honours twice each over the course of the meeting.

Historic results for the meeting were;

1st           Marty Bullock                                    100 pts

2nd          Lance Carwardine                            80 pts

3rd           Leon Magistro                                   72 pts

Libre results for the meeting were;

1st           Ricky Virago                                        100 pts

Handicap Results:

1st           John Rowe & Glenn Swarbrick        29 pts

3rd           Marty Bullock                                    20 pts