2021 Formula Classic – Round 4

2021 Formula Classic – Round 4
June Race Meeting, Wanneroo – 13th June

Despite the gloomy weather forecast in the week leading up to Round 4 of the 2021 FCR Championship, the weather was kind with sunshine and blue skies for most of the day.

There was a good list of entrants for this event but sadly the numbers were depleted before the racing got underway. Lance Carwardine was the first not to run pulling his entry due to uncertainties with the engine cooling system on the Jane Brabham. Harvey Leys experienced fuel pressure issues and only managed a few laps in qualifying before withdrawing and both of Rob Jordan’s entries didn’t make it beyond the qualifying session either.

Simon Alderson maintained his winning form with outright wins in all three races and also taking the Libre class honours. Marty Bullock race consistently second on the track keeping Simon honest and collecting the Historic class honours.

Towards the end of race 3 Bob Creasy’s Ralt engine breather line parted from the motor liberally spraying oil around large sections of the track. Bob finished the race but unwittingly created a bit of chaos for his fellow competitors and causing a significant delay for the remaining events whilst the marshals cleaned up the track. Allan Ould sadly was an innocent casualty of this oil spill retiring his Aztec thinking he had a punctured tyre that was causing the unstable handling.

It was good to see John Hurney make his first appearance this year in a Durotec powered Formula Ford borrowed from the Fastlane stable.

At the conclusion of the racing FCR put on a barbeque that was well attended by their members, guests and friends.

Historic results for the meeting were;

1st           Marty Bullock                                    75 pts

2nd          Andrew Nielson                                58 pts

3rd           Leon Magistro                                   53 pts

Libre results for the meeting were;

1st           Simon Alderson                                75 pts

2nd          Ricky Virago                                        40 pts

3rd           John Hurney                                       36 pts

Handicap Results:

1st           Leon Magistro                                 23 pts

2nd          Andrew Nielson                               22 pts

3rd          Simon Alderson                               17 pts