2021 Formula Classic – Round 3

2021 Formula Classic – Round 3
Ernie Hastie Memorial, Collie – 15th/16th May

There’s New Kid on the block!

Bill Norman made a great debut run at his first event since moving to WA winning 3 out of the four Ernie Hastie Memorial races in his 1982 Ralt RT4.

Bill moved to WA earlier this year from Queensland to be with his family in WA and he towed the Ralt and his motorcycle engine powered hill climb with him when he drove across.

It’s great to see another competitive car and drive join the ranks of FCR.

Both Marty Bullock in his Chevron and Simon Alderson in his Van Diemen kept Bill honest at the front of the field, Marty beating Bill to race honour in the final race of the weekend.

John Rowe ran his recently acquired Valor FF1600 for the first at the event, John spending most of the weekend acclimatising himself with the car.

It is good report all the entrants ran reliably with only one DNS for Lance Carwardine in the Jane Brabham with a boil over on the dummy grid on the last race.

Historic results for the meeting were;

1st           Bill Norman                                        95 pts

2nd          Marty Bullock                                    85 pts

3rd           Allan Ould                                           69 pts

Libre results for the meeting were;

1st           Simon Alderson                                100 pts

2nd          Ricky Virago                                        80 pts

Handicap results:

1st           Lance Carwardine                              20 pts

2nd           Ricky Virago                                  18 pts

3rd           Bill Norman                                         17 pts