2019 Formula Classic Round 5

2019 Formula Classis – Round 5

WASCC June meeting – 23rd June

A very wet Barbagallo circuit welcomed the drivers to the June meeting. Wet weather tyres were the order of the day although occasionally the sun teased us only to rain again just before the Formula Classic events.

Unfortunately, again, only a small field of cars were entered for the June meeting, 10 to be precise. It was good to see one new driver join our ranks for the event, Glen Page, driving the Sutol 23 from Neil McCrudden’s  the WARM museum.

Simon Alderson was all dominant in the very wet qualifying session posting pole position by 5 seconds from the second placed car. The three races were closely contested by Simon and Michael Henderson with Hendo taking two wins to Simon’s one. Leone Magistro, Bob Creasy and Allan Ould were scraping over the minor placing, Leone ending up with the final trophy.

It’s good to report that despite only a small field of cars for this meeting all 10 entrants finished the last race.

The prize giving was a bit of as debacle as WASCC recorded the results for Formula Classic in two sections (Historic and Libra log booked cars) and failed to combine the results for the prize giving awarding on the Historic log booked cars only. This was subsequently addressed but at the time it was a little awkward and embarrassing.

Outright positions for the weekend were;

1st           Michael Henderson                       

2nd          Simon Alderson                                               

3rd           Leone Magistro                                               

Handicap results for the event were;

1st           Murray Charnley & Leon Majistro

3rd          Simon Alderson

The next round is at Barbagallo on 14th July.