2015 Formula Classic Round 5 Results

SETS Spring Race Meeting – 23rd August 2015 A great day with some fast times for most of the cars. Simon Barrett’s Ralt unfortunately had issues in race 1 leaving Michael to run the day out front by himself, second place all day was contested between Lance Carwardine and Glenn Caple. Sadly, at the end of this meeting, Henry Oosterbaan hung up his helmet (as far as racing goes) for a while so we won’t hear the six cylinder Holden motor outside of regularities. Allan Ould has sorted out the Aztec with it’s fastest time since it’s return to the racing scene at 67.9667. It was disappointing to see John Rowe excluded from the event due to the 130% rule, hopefully we can sort this out so we get to see more of his beautiful Cooper on the track. Results Round 5 Congratulations to handicap winners on the day: 1st Lance Carwardine, 2nd Glenn Swarbrick, 3rd Henry Oosterbaan. WASCC Results:
  • Formula Classic: 1st Michael Henderson, 2nd Lance Carwardine, 3rd Glenn Caple
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