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When it comes to wills, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our experienced lawyers at Axess Law will advise you on how to make your will based on your current situation and your future goals on what you want your beneficiaries to inherit. Your last will is a legal document that describes how your assets should be divided and how your estate should be treated after your death. You can decide who will receive your property and property and appoint a trustee (or executor) to manage your final affairs, giving you peace of mind that your last wishes will be executed as you wish. Surveys show that most Canadian adults (over 55%) do not have a signed and legally binding will. A will drawn up by Axess Law is certified by a lawyer, shared with your estate administrators, recognized as the next of kin and kept in a safe. A copy is also filed with a local register of wills, where it is easy to find if necessary. If you die in Ontario without a valid and complete will, a testamentary estate will be created and the distribution of your estate is fully subject to the Succession Law Reform Act. There are many things you can do now to avoid serious legal problems and family disputes.

That`s why you need a lawyer from Hummingbird Wills & Estates to review all your data to minimize future litigation and legal fees. You need a highly respected law firm that has the knowledge and extensive experience to give you the peace of mind you need. Deciding to work with a Toronto will lawyer to prepare your will and will, as well as your power of attorney for care (or living will), is an important step in managing your family`s financial and legal affairs. We have an excellent team of Wills & Estates lawyers and can assist you in any administration and probate dispute. A will is reasonably economical to prepare with appropriate legal assistance. There is no substitute for qualified and specific professional advice. Unintentional errors or omissions in a will can delay or thwart the administration of your estate. They can be very costly for your executors and intended beneficiaries and, in some extreme cases, completely compromise the validity of a will. Even if you have made a will, it can be extremely difficult to get it accepted by the Estates Office of the Ontario Superior Court of Administration (Estate), unless the witnesses in your will have met with a lawyer or notary to complete affidavits confirming that they were indeed involved in the execution of your will.

Your lawyer will usually act as a witness to your will and will complete this documentation at the same time as your will. The will is executed. If your witnesses prevent you or cannot be located and no such affidavit of execution is available, your will may be rejected. Don`t make the mistake of thinking that only the rich, the elderly, or those with children need a will and a will – any adult can benefit from an estate plan, including a final will and a will. Wills and estate lawyers can work with you to develop an estate plan that explains how your assets should be distributed after your death. Your lawyers can develop a strategy to reduce inheritance tax and ensure the financial security of your spouse and children. Wills and law firms specializing in estate law can also guide estate administrators through the estate process. Whether you have disagreements with beneficiaries, dispute or need court advice, Hummingbird Lawyers is here to help and guide you. If the planning or administration of an estate benefits from knowledge and experience in other areas of law, our estate lawyers benefit from the support of other lawyers in our firm, as well as access to accountants and other professionals if necessary. Make sure your children are protected when the worst should happen.

Appoint a guardian and a financial trustee. Ensure that any sudden inheritance will be held in trust until your children are ready. And make an appointment in the evening when the children are in bed! I understand. Life is busy. It`s hard to find time to relax, let alone meet with a lawyer who specializes in wills. A comprehensive and tax-efficient estate plan is an important part of achieving your financial and retirement goals. You`ve worked hard – make sure your family (not the CRA) is your beneficiary. Use a business will if you are a business owner. This law provides a complicated mechanism for determining which of your family members will inherit certain parts of your estate, based on the amount you leave behind and the proximity of your loved ones` family relationship to you. How long has “GET A WILL” been on your to-do list? It`s probably close to other “boring things for adults” like life insurance or extra saving for retirement. And who wants to take the job to hike downtown at a lawyer`s house for wills (not exactly worthy of a vacation). Make and update wills: While many of us know how important it is to make a will, we often fail to update it when life circumstances change.

For example, your will should be updated if: It will be important to think about these issues in order to give your lawyer complete instructions so that your will can be completed. Your wills and estates lawyer will also be able to advise and guide you on these concerns when you meet to discuss your will. Dealing with wills and estates after the death of a loved one can be a stressful time, as many of us have to deal with both the grief and frustrations of dividing property. At Devry Frank Smith LLP (DSF), we make this time easier for everyone with our experienced team of will and estate lawyers. Toronto residents can choose from one of our three convenient locations in Toronto, Barrie and Whitby to find their ideal probate wills and lawyers that meet their needs. A valid and carefully planned will helps secure your family`s financial future. It protects your assets from unjustified taxation and limits the possible estate costs to be paid by your estate. Most importantly, you and your will ensure that your estate is divided between those you have specifically selected. Enjoy your golden years worry-free.

Establish a succession plan now that transfers not only tax-optimized assets, but also lifetime value. Your willpower is your last chance to say something – let it count! Hire a testamentary lawyer who knows what they are doing. A will can only become valid after your death. In cases where you are unable to make important decisions or understand their consequences due to illness, injury or age, Axess Law will issue you with a power of attorney. This is a document that you voluntarily create with the help of our will and estate lawyers. A power of attorney gives others the legal authority to act on your behalf if you are unable to care for yourself or need help because of your age or infirmity. If you need to be formally appointed by a court to act as an estate administrator, the payment of an estate administration tax (“EAT”) is required. .

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