What Is a Business Finance Partner

Many people in the business world have worked to discuss, define and understand what the financial trading partner is, to the point where most opinion leaders agree. This is important because the job description we started with explains what is expected of a financial business partner and how they do it. The term serves as a common flag or banner under which we can all unite; regardless of geography or culture. While leaders are pleased that the finance team continues to play the roles of operator (FP&A, core funding, etc.) and steward (compliance, controls, etc.), today`s leaders want finance team members to increasingly focus on being strategists (working with business people to support strategy formulation and decision-making) and catalysts (challenging the status quo). quo and opt for funding). and enterprise-level transformation). The complex and volatile environment forces mid-level managers to make more operational decisions that can impact performance. In a 2018 Gartner global study, 61% of decision makers and finance leaders reported an increase in the number of operational decisions over the past three years. More than half (57% of respondents) said that operational decisions have a financial impact and an impact on profitability. Now, as a leadership coach and business trainer, I enjoy advocating for this partnership in workshops where I am often asked what skills a finance professional equips to be a good financial business partner. My answer is that it requires a number of new and improved skills and a change in the way we think. We have just embarked on the path of Finance Business Partner and there is huge potential and change ahead of us. The expectations and requirements of finance are changing rapidly, and we need to be ready and respond with a set of defined skills and competencies that connect technical sense, technology and influence.

And my bonus advice for you is to think about what you`re going to do to create more value, and what you`re going to stop creating time and space. A business partnership is a dual role that can provide a pragmatic financial overview that is weighed against the management and operational requirements of a business unit. When traditional financial roles focus on historical numbers, the jobs of financial business partners require someone who is always looking to the future. They need someone who uses financial analysis to facilitate change by working closely with or providing a service to a number of different departments. Financial business partnership is what finance teams do when they create value by providing insights (often based on data), prompting their business partners to make better decisions. What companies expect from finance is changing rapidly. Financial business partnership often means different things to different people and supports or solves a variety of challenges. Being a business partner will increase your reach and you will be more dependent on others. The role of a financial counterparty requires different skills than the traditional back-office function of finance. “Finances expect to add more value to the business are increasing. Successful financial partners are seen as leaders who can influence a company`s decisions to maximize shareholder value and returns.

Alan Flanagan, Deloittes As a result, the role that finance plays in organizations has had to react. Many back-office functions have become increasingly automated, creating a different role. Business partnership has existed in one form or another for decades, but in recent years, the business world has seen a growing demand for effective financial counterparties with organizations of all sizes. While technical financial skills were previously considered the only requirement for a job in finance and accounting, soft skills have become a must for financial business partners. The idea of a new sustainable role is not just a fantasy, a prediction or a self-serving deception. If you go to the job site Indeed.com or even the LinkedIn Jobs page, there is page after page that urgently requests the role. The financial business partner is a recognized beacon of business excellence who works as an internal consultant within a company to achieve results by promoting accountability. In fact, the partnership overcomes the barrier between accounting and management to support the company`s goals. .

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